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Updated: Sep 27, 2021

A review of what my Deluxe Photo Session entails along with finished images from the photoshoot of an incredible author.

Writers and artists know that ethereal moment, when just one, fleeting something–a chill, an echo, the click of a lamp, a question—-ignites the flame of an entire work that blazes suddenly into consciousness. ~Nadine C. Keels

Keith is an up and coming writer. His uncle was a poet and inspired Keith at an early age to put the pen to paper. His grandmother was also a lover of writing and would tell him to just keep writing. Write every day! Writing and the art of words was so ingrained into him. However for the most part, he has kept his works of art to himself. Not no more! With eyes on the horizon his is making big moves to chase his dreams, leaving behind old safety nets and taking some leaps of faith.

It was an absolute honor to be a part of him launching his journey of chasing his dreams. As everyone knows, a good author also needs a good portrait! That is what we set out to do and even more so because our photoshoot was about capturing his brand. Branding photography goes beyond simple portraits.

The goal: portray the full array of the deep personality that makes up this intriguing author.

My Deluxe Portrait Photography Package includes multiple locations with multiple outfit changes. With each new location, we worked to bring out a different mood, bringing to light the Keith's amazing attributes.

Location 1: The library (yup, I took the Author to the library for his portraits.. haha cliche? maybe but look at the results!)

Keith's Highlighted Trait: Pensive and artistic

Location #2: The Theodore Wine and spirits.

Keith's Highlighted Trait: Elegant and classy.

Now you might think is it weird to do portrait photoshoot inside of a bar? However, in the roosevelt area of downtown phoenix, art reigns.

I scout every photoshoot beforehand (especially with my deluxe sessions) because I like to have a set route so that I have a nice flow to guide my client easily from one spot to the next. During my scouting of this photoshoot, I met so many incredible business owners downtown that work hard to partner up with artist. The Theodore Wine and Spirits was one of those places. You have to check it out whenever you are downtown!

Location #3: Kahvi Coffee + Cafe (by the window)

Keith's Highlighted trait: Fun and Playful

This is another amazing spot downtown phoenix! The coffee is delicious! The ambiance is so charming and the workers are just spectacular humans. We had so much fun dancing around and being silly!! This is the true joy of portrait photography: getting to know a client on a one on one bases. It allows for deeper conversations but then also for more weirdness to come out haha.

Can We just take a second and appreciate Keith's style! <3 <3 <3

Between the mixture of the outfits, the energy and that smile you can get a glimpse into the beautiful heart of this fascinating soul named Keith.

Location #4: Kahvi Coffee + Cafe (in the back area)

Keith's Highlighted trait: Chill and down-to-earth.

The back of Kahvi Coffee is so different than the front, you'd think we were in two different locations wouldn't you! Have I mentioned, I love that coffee shop? haha

Thanks for reading,

Valerie <3

Thank you to and for letting us use your space for the portrait photoshoot!

Thank you to for offering their space even though we ran out of time and weren't able to make it there. Your owners are amazing as well! I hope to partner with you in the future!

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