Pauline's Black Tie Event

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

It was such an honor to work with such a special and kind person: Pauline.

Pauline is a sweet and lovely soul who has friends from all over the country and world. They all gather together ever 5 years to celebrate her birthday. Dressing up to the 9s with gowns and suits, they gather in love, laughter and celebration. This year she celebrated her 80th and 81st birthday!!

Pauline requested that each guest have their picture upon their grand entrance and that the photos were printed out and gifted to each guest by the end of the night. Despite quite a few technical difficulties, I was able to deliver on this wish!

These are some of her beautiful friends:

As an event photographer, I am so fortunate to meet so many interesting people in so many interesting ways. All these people were so sweet and loving. What a wonderful group of people!

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