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Jodi and Heath


Wedding ring photography

There are so many benefits of having an elopement, one including the fact that plans can be flexible. Originally, the plan was to have a courthouse wedding followed by going to Estrella mountain park for wedding pictures. 

However, when Jodi's sister told her that not only was she able to fly in to come to the wedding but also able to officiate the wedding, we started brainstorming other ideas because we were no longer limited to the courthouse.

After many wonderful conversation about location and how we could construct the wedding, Jodi decided on having the wedding lakeside at Estrella mountain ranch. 

As a wedding photographer and an elopement photographer, I scouted the area and talked about it with Jodi. 

We came up with a plan that we would have Heath looking out over the water as Jodi walked down to have the first look. 



As Jodi walked down, I used the speaker I had brought to play "I get to love you" that she had personally sang and recorded for Heath.


It was absolutely beautiful how the family lined the sides, listening to Jodi's beautiful voice as she walked towards Heath.

When she touched Heath's shoulder, he turned around with eyes full tears of joy and tears of love.


We then moved into the ceremony.

Handfasting  is an ancient Celtic ritual in which the hands are tied together to symbolize the binding of two lives. Once that was completed, they. moved on to vows.

Let me tell you there was not a dry eye!

The love these two share for each other was palpable on the lakeside.

It was such an honor to be a part of their big day.